Founded in 2015, Urbantz is a last-mile delivery management platform for enterprises designed to respond to the delivery needs of retailers, logistics operators, e-commerce, grocery players, among others. Urbantz provides an enterprise SaaS solution for real-time visibility and complete control over the entire last-mile delivery chain.

Tell us about Urbantz and your company’s mission?

In a nutshell, Urbantz is a cloud platform for enterprises that empowers them to better manage their last mile delivery operations. The last mile is a very specific part of the logistics supply chain taken to mean the scheduled movement of goods from their last stock location to the end recipient or collection point.

Founded by Oxford and Cambridge graduates Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos and Roberto Coustas in 2017, DeepSea specialises in using artificial intelligence to improve vessel performance monitoring and optimisation in the shipping industry.

Roberto, with everything that’s gone on this year, what are the lessons you’ve learnt and how are you applying them to DeepSea in 2021?

One thing we definitely learnt is that unpredictability is lurking in the background of every environment, every business. You might not notice it when everything is going well. If the economy is booming, I think we are all guilty of forgetting how volatile the world around…

Anthony Finbow is the CEO of Eagle Genomics, the software platform supporting organisations to solve the grand challenges in life sciences. With an early career covering engineering, law and finance, he has spent the last twenty years building and running technology businesses in a variety of sectors.

What is Eagle Genomics?

Eagle Genomics is a cloud-based platform business focused on the application of second-generation data science technologies to life sciences research and development (R&D), helping a variety of organisations solve the grand challenges of our age through biology. We are a deep tech company and we operate at what McKinsey…

Jean Moreau is co-founder and CEO of Phenix, the pioneering French smart food waste management leader. After starting out in banking, he left to solve the problem of food waste with co-founder Baptise Corval.

Why did you start Phenix?

I started my career as a banker in mergers and acquisitions. It’s a job with a lot of advantages, but I often felt something was missing. Increasingly I wanted to do something that had a positive social and environmental impact.

Over time, I began to realise what a problem food waste is. If it were a country, food waste would be…

“People want services that are both digital and sustainable” — A Q&A with Michael Schweikart, co-founder, Tomorrow

Michael Schweikart is co-founder of Tomorrow, Europe’s first digital sustainable banking platform and a certified B Corp. After launching a not-for-profit that linked refugees with jobs, he turned his attention to financial services, partnering with Inas Nureldin and Jakob Berndt to start a completely digital current account committed to being a sustainable option for customers.

Why did you start Tomorrow?

Over the course of our careers, my co-founders and I have seen how money moves the world, but not always in the right…

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