“Every second, a shared-vehicle trip starts somewhere in the world thanks to Vulog’s technology”. A Q&A with Vulog CEO, Gregory Ducongé.

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5 min readOct 11, 2021

1. Tell us about Vulog and your company’s mission?

Vulog is the leading tech provider for the world’s largest shared mobility companies. Thanks to our technology, we are transforming cities globally by ensuring that clean, shared and electric mobility is accessible for all.

We were founded in Nice, France in 2006 and have since developed a leading AI-powered technology and data intelligence platform, AiMA, which enables major automotive companies such as Volkswagen, Kia Motors, Stellantis Group, Toyota and Hyundai — as well as new mobility operators like Repsol, Sumitomo Corporation, British Columbia Automobile Association, Mevo and BlueDuck — to launch and operate shared-vehicle services anywhere in the world.

Through continued technological innovations, we are improving mobility and the environment, as well as contributing to the creation of smart cities. This means that people will ultimately be able to have access to cars, scooters, electric bicycles or mopeds whenever they need them, wherever they are.

2. Tell us about the launch of your Leo&Go project?

In the 15 years since our founding, Vulog has developed a unique technological expertise and know-how that we are in the process of leveraging to accelerate the growth of the shared mobility market. This will ultimately help drastically reduce pollution and congestion in cities.

Operated end-to-end by Vulog, Leo&Go is a shared mobility service offering a fleet of 300 free-floating electric and hybrid vehicles, and powered by our AiMA software platform. These clean and shared cars will serve the people of Lyon — a city where 40% of cars sit unused during the week — via an app that inhabitants can use to share vehicles when they need them and with minimal fuss. The Leo&Go service will help us to better meet the expectations of our customers around the world by offering new software solutions that have already been tested and proven on a large-scale service. This, in turn, will help our customers to accelerate the development of their respective activities in an efficient and profitable manner.

3. What do you foresee as the biggest impact you’re making in your industry/market/vertical?

Every second, a shared-vehicle trip starts somewhere in the world thanks to Vulog’s technology. We work with major energy service providers, insurance companies, car rentals and dealerships, as well as entrepreneurs, in over 50 cities around the globe.

A journalist wrote, “Vulog is to shared mobility what Intel is to computing: its name may not be on the product, but it is essential for its success.” Indeed, we are the trusted partner for many industries that are transforming the way we live in the world — starting with helping transform the automotive industry to provide mobility-as-a-service and electrification for their vehicles.

Our team of hard-working experts are constantly originating new ideas to make that mobility revolution happen now, as well as preparing for the future of mobility through the innovations that take place in our Vulog Labs. This core team uses advanced AI tools and open innovation programs based on data science and extensive R&D to enact changes that have included predictive demand management, smart-pricing, smart-charging, and autonomous fleet management.

4. Why is sustainability core to your business and operations?

Improving mobility and the environment via technological innovations is at the heart of everything we do. As the world changes, so do the ways that we move, but we must ensure that all forms of progress still keep the longevity of the planet at their core.

Throughout our 15 years as a company, we have harnessed a unique culture of innovation and industry expertise in order to promote sustainable forms of mobility and to help build greener, healthier cities. We are already seeing the results, since our platform AiMA was labelled a “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” for its impact on decongesting cities by lowering the number of private vehicles on the streets. Once numbers of vehicles are reduced and replaced with clean, shared and electric forms of mobility, so too will traffic, air and noise pollution drastically reduce, making for cities that are far more liveable and sustainable.

5. What are your plans for 2022?

We have several major developments forthcoming in the next year. We will soon be announcing new clients that we will be supporting in their mobility transformation, while we also have big plans for the product development side of the business.

We will be further leveraging data science to accelerate the path to profitability for our clients. One example of this will be our ongoing Leo&Go Mobility Showcase in Lyon, which will be a strong area of focus, and we will also unveil the Smart and Inclusive Cities Tool that we are developing in partnership with UNESCO. This is a groundbreaking project that will focus on the impact that mobility and technology have on fostering inclusivity for vulnerable populations in cities across the world.

6. How has the ETF Partners support helped shape the business?

Having ETF Partners by our side is of enormous value to us. Bringing investment to the table is one thing, but what really makes the difference to the existence and sustainability of a business is the quality of its people. It is great people that allow Vulog to thrive and continue to innovate. The ETF team has always been incredibly helpful and supportive; as a CEO I know I can rely on them any time I might need advice or an introduction. They always do their foremost to facilitate our needs or queries and that is what ultimately counts. We would not have gotten to where we are today without their support.



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