Optimism in the face of climate change’: ETF Partners launches “How We See the World in 2023”

ETF Partners
2 min readFeb 22, 2023


Drawing on over 15 years of experience leading the market in sustainable investing, we have published its latest investment paper, outlining the ways we can harness purposeful and principled investment to face the challenges of creating a sustainable world.

The means and methods of tackling climate change can seem an insurmountable task, but the thriving ETF Partners portfolio showcases the potential to drive positive change through investing in innovation. In our 2023 Investor Briefing white paper, we outline several themes that have driven our approach and that can spell exciting developments for the future:

Championing new technologies

While existing renewable technologies are an essential asset in the movement towards sustainability, consistent innovation needs to be championed if we are to find lasting and effective breakthroughs. That is why we are always looking to build on incremental improvements with leaps forward in new technologies and ways of operating. The more resources humankind puts into this effort, the more likely a sustainable future becomes.

Examples of portfolio companies championing new technologies include Shippeo’s AI-driven platform allowing real-time visibility for global supply chains and Normative’s world-leading, detailed carbon emissions accounting.

Purpose-driven investing

Relying on core principles and a sense of overarching purpose reduces the uncertainty that might come with investing in individual growth businesses. Since consumers are increasingly drawn towards a more considerate and sustainable mode of being, we seek out the entrepreneurs looking to meet this demand and supports their growth, unifying both organisations in their mission and opportunity.

Each of the ETF Partners portfolio companies ultimately meets one of the following sustainable principles: be resource-efficient, attend to your impact, don’t waste, and consider others’ welfare.

Continued support

With over 15 years’ experience promoting sustainability through innovation, we encourage the meaningful change brought about by our portfolio companies thanks to consistent interaction with board members, open communication and prioritising a shared purpose. By working hand-in-hand, investors and entrepreneurs we can ensure that profitable decisions are also the right ones for the planet.

Read in more detail our strategy for sustainable investing in the 2023 investment white paper here.



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